The Left Finally Opposes Massive Government Spending — Because Hitler

The best thing about Donald Trump’s Presidency is how the left suddenly loves the constitution. They now are opposing massive government infrastructure projects because Hitler supported them. No, not kidding. Filed under the category “Cheeto Jesus” at the technology site Boing Boing is this:

In Highway to Hitler, Nico Voigtländer (UCLA) and Hans‐Joachim Voth (University of Zurich)’s 2014 paper analyzing the impact of the massive infrastructure investment in creating the Autobahn, the authors conclude that the major spending project was key to Hitler’s consolidation of power.

They base their conclusion on the 1934 plebiscite, which greatly expanded Hitler’s powers.

I agree complete. The federal government should immediately cease and desist from funding any and all infrastructure schemes. Let the states do it.

As an aside, is it not annoying that now every sports and technology site is flooded with leftists bitching about Donald Trump. No one is allowed a distraction or non-political news. Everyone must set their hair on fire about Donald Trump every day.

They really did not learn any lessons about crying wolf during the election season.

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