The Left Gets Religious Over Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is not a unique phenomenon. It is a hurricane. There have been many, many hurricanes over the last several thousand years and there have been plenty of hurricanes to impact Texas in the last hundred years.

Yes, Hurricane Harvey has broken records on rainfall. But the previous record breaker did the same — broke a record. The flooding in Houston has much to do with the amount of impervious surfaces spread over the metroplex area. There is a great deal of concrete and asphalt in Houston now even compared to a decade ago.

But the left has decided Houston is being punished because of the oil and gas industry. It is all global warming and this is karma. Channelling their inner Pat Robertson, the left thinks Texas deserves this and man caused it.

This is, it should be noted, a religious exercise. Hurricane Harvey is a natural, current weather phenomenon. To blame it on global warming is a religious exercise blaming natural events on human behavior.

In religious texts, including the Holy Bible, God withholds rain and causes drought to punish sins. He also brings floods and storms to punish sins.

With the left now abandoning worship of the Creator in favor of worshipping creation, they are taking Biblical truths and weaving them into secular mythology. The climate is changing. Yes it is. But it is all man’s fault and the flooding and hurricane — events documented for millennia — are all mankind’s fault too.

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