The Left Implodes: Male Periods, Menstrual Equity, and Tax Dollars for Tampons

Newsweek just took a major gamble writing a provocative piece on, “periods, policy, and politics,” and arguing for free (which, of course, means funded by taxpayers) feminine hygiene products for women, as well as days off for ladies who are experiencing a very painful menstrual cycle. They call it “menstrual equity.”

Now why is that provocative in our progressive culture, you ask?  Follow me here as best you can because we are about to dive into the middle of a cesspool of self-contradictory modern leftist terms that mean nothing but represent an existential threat to our society’s sanity.

First, the entire premise of these demands reeks of what liberals have told us is the “othering” of females.  For those unfamiliar with this contemporary term, liberals define othering as “viewing or treating someone as inherently different than yourself.” But isn’t that what these policies demand we do?  Suggesting that women are somehow too delicate or soft to handle paying for their own products or to show up to work on a painful day is extremely “othering” given the left’s modern definition of the term. So in order to not “other” women, as the left instructs, that would mean saying to women, “Hey you’re just like men – and if men can show up even on their periods, so surely you can too?”

Keep in mind, it was the leftist paragons at the Daily Beast that heroically explained to all of us simpletons that “Yes, Men Can Have Periods, and We Need to Talk About Them.” If men have periods though, giving menstrual-related benefits to females is not equity.  It’s chauvinistic pandering.

Secondly, Newsweek’s whole argument falls under the left’s category of extraordinary cisgender bias. Again, a quick reminder that “cisgender” is the made-up term liberals have invented to describe the biological reality of sex: that there are two separate and distinct genders, male and female, each with their own gifts. Modern progressives reject cisgender bias, recognizing what they call the gender continuum or gender fluidity.

Remember, it was distinguished Harvard University itself that recently instructed students that, “there are more than two sexes,” and that “gender is fluid and changing” sometimes on a daily basis. A daily basis.

But the policy proposals being promoted by Newsweek assume that there are distinct, clear, and definitive lines dividing genders, and that this group we call “female” is somehow entitled to a benefit catering specifically to their gender identity. That isn’t equity, it’s an antiquated appeal to a patriarchal culture where men were regarded as men, and women were regarded as women. Liberals tell us this is 2017, and we don’t want to live in that culture anymore.

Some might suggest that perhaps the solution would be to extend these menstrual benefits and period-related personal days to men as well. Or at least “men who identify as women?” To the untrained, insensitive eye, that would seem to solve the problem, but such a move would be extraordinarily offensive to our neo-progressive culture.

Not long ago, the liberal standard bearers at the Huffington Post introduced us to the triggering offense known as “cultural appropriation.” While typically referenced in racial conversations, it can be understood within this context as well. Taking on someone else’s cultural (or in this case gender) reality is assuming and hurtful.  So clearly for men to “appropriate” femininity in any effort to demand menstrual equity is unacceptable.  Clearly.

You know, it’s a real pity that the once forward-thinking Newsweek is so mired in culturally appropriating othering, built upon a patriarchal cisgender bias. They really need to get woke.

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