The Left Really Wants Me to Support Donald Trump

In spite of all the crow that I have been forced to consume in the last three days, I remain proud to have opposed Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. I outspokenly stood against Trump from the day he descended that escalator, and you can read all of that outspokenness in great detail on this very website. You can even poke fun at many of the assumptions I made that turned out to be completely and totally wrong.

But as the reality of our situation became abundantly clear in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I experienced something during his victory speech that I could have never predicted just a few hours earlier: a profound calmness washed over me. His victory address was graceful and poised, free of the unhinged rhetoric and vitriol that marked most of his campaign speeches. I remain skeptical of his ability to govern and deliver a competent presidency, but I began to come to terms with the fact that the decision had been made, and now all that was left to do was hope that he carried this newfound measured temperament into the Oval Office with him. My hope was that if I, someone who detested Trump and had opposed him for nearly a year and a half, could put aside my reservations and give Trump a chance to prove himself, hopefully everyone, even those on the left, could do the same.

Nope! The left has done more in the last seventy-two hours to make me like Donald Trump than Donald Trump was able to do in sixteen whole months of campaigning.

From the petition calling on electoral voters to subvert the process and elect Hillary Clinton, to the calls for doing away with the electoral college altogether, to the protests, to the cry-ins, and to the calls for completely disenfranchising anyone who doesn’t live in a major city, the left has loudly and clearly demonstrated why so many people were so fed up with their version of political discourse.

The prevailing refrain, of course, has been that anyone who dared to support Trump is racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, and arachnophobic, the circular logic being that Trump is racist, therefore supporting him is racist, because Trump is racist. In a time where the left is in desperate need of introspection, they have predictably retreated to their familiar safe space of identity politics and name-calling.

The very idea that Trump’s victory can be chalked up solely to the prejudice of white voters seems utterly preposterous, especially when you consider that he picked up six states that voted twice for Barack Obama. And yet it’s the only conclusion that the left seems willing to draw. I spent sixteen months virulently opposing Donald Trump and I retain profound misgivings over his character and his ability to lead. It took just three days of left-wing bitterness and complaining for me to feel much more secure in his victory. Imagine how all of those undecided voters in swing states who committed to Trump at the last minute must feel about the assertion that they are morally corrupt neanderthals who hate minorities.

Democrats are welcome to write Trump’s victory off as racism and bigotry at their own risk. For their sake, I would hope that they soon realize that pity parties and temper tantrums do not attract receptive ears. Only ideas and solutions do that.

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Dave Scharoun

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