The Left’s David Koresh

Let me be honest. I’m not getting worked up about Gitmo. We aren’t doing anything remotely awful down there. So someone dropped a Koran. Big deal.

I’m beginning to believe that Gitmo is the left’s Branch Davidian incident. You remember them don’t you? They were a group of creepy cultists who locked themselves up in a compound, things got out of hand, and the place went up in flames. Some on the right have, since that time, excoriated the government and the Clinton administration for “murder.” Well, I didn’t get worked up about all of that, and I’m certainly not going to get worked up about all of this. It is only a big deal for those who hate the administration.

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  • The Branch Davidians struck me as a bunch of eccentric, unstable, anti-social people, and I certainly wouldn’t want anything to do with them. But as far as I’ve heard, they did nothing that warranted the federal government storming their property and murdering them (and their children). I’m disturbed to see your derisive quote marks around the word “murder.” Just because some loony people on the Right have attacked the feds for the Waco massacre, doesn’t mean it wasn’t in fact a massacre. Many of us who are not “loony” are justifiably frightened by the precedent that Clinton & Reno set with that raid. What the feds did at Waco is more reminiscent of a Communist regime than the government of a supposedly free country. If we want the government to respect our own rights to freely associate, own and control private property, and bear arms, we have to defend strange or unpopular people in their exercise of the same rights.

    Lastly, it is offenseive to make even an implied comparison between the people murdered at Waco and the inmates at Gitmo. The Waco victims were native-born Americans, while almost all the Gitmo inmates are foreigners known or suspected to be trying to kill innocent Americans.

    Bottom line: we have every reason to be outraged at the Waco massacre, but the Left has little legitimate reason to be outraged at the treatment of the anti-American Muslim fanatics at Gitmo.

  • I don’t like how the Left seems to be more willing to take the word of the TERRORISTS that we locked up in there than our own officials and the President.

    A lot of people need to rexamine the PEOPLE whose stories they’re believing!