The Left’s Dirty Secret: The Economy Is Great With Trump In The WH

You have to look pretty hard to find a story about the economy, mostly because it’s doing great and Trump is still president.

The front page of the New York Times is loaded with criticisms of Trump, as it is pretty much every day. Don’t believe me? Look.

Of course that raises the question of what happens when the person who craves fame more than anyone else in the world becomes the most famous person in the world, but that’s a timeless question for a different day.

What’s buried deep in the NYT’s bowels is a story of how the economy “seems to be taking off.” Well, why wouldn’t it? We have a Republican, pro-business, pro-America president in the White House. We have pro-business nominees (if they ever get confirmed) for the Department of Energy and the EPA. We have Goldman Sachs execs set to run Treasury and budget. There’s every reason for the economy to take off.

Think of the numbers released Wednesday and Thursday as the latest strong signals, not in isolation. Retail sales rose 0.4 percent in January, the Commerce Department said, and a booming 0.8 percent when volatile auto sales are excluded. American consumers are powering ahead in the eighth year of the expansion.

The CPI is up, new housing starts are up, manufacturing output is up, and the economy added 227,000 jobs in January. “To cap off a day of good data pointing to an economic surge,” the NYT published, “the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said its survey of business activity soared to its highest level in two years.”

This is hardly the fear-apocalypse scenario Democrats and their media lapdogs are painting. Maybe that’s why you don’t see this on the front page of anything, anywhere. But this is probably the most important news that working people, small business owners, and those looking to improve their own economic prospects care about.

The dirty little secret that you never hear in the media is that even liberals like to have nice things. But they’ll never talk about that with Trump in the White House.

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