The Left’s Smug Hypocrisy Is The Best Defense Of Donald Trump

In cities where voters overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton; where few Democrats live (like Portland, Oregon), daily protests “against Donald Trump” happen. Journalists like Shaun King are calling for organized resistance.

King is supposedly collecting thousands of incidents “fueled by Donald Trump.” Really?

The Blood & Soil gangs are indeed celebrating Trump’s win, and incidents like the one in Wellsville, N.Y. are troubling, to say the least. But who’s to say if these are real, or if they’re hoaxes set up for us to see, like the recent one by a college student in Louisiana?

The fact that there are real racists and anti-Semites celebrating Trump is muddied by the fact that the left has its own agitators (some paid) and its own racists. We don’t know who to believe.

But logic dictates this that we do know.

If Trump is to be held responsible for every possible incident, real or imagined, proceeding from his legally, constitutionally, and duly winning the presidency, then the sitting president, Barack Obama, must be held responsible for every Black Lives Matter protest, riot, shooting, and threats on conservative lives that happened during his term.

Because if the protests against Trump cause incidents which are “fueled by Trump” then every Islamic radical terror act in the last eight years can be said to be “fueled by Obama” who refused to recognize radical Islamic terror as a “thing.”

Here is the hypocrisy of the left, boiled down to into one tweet just hours before everything imploded for them.

How is that working out for you Sally Kohn? Not too well. Because the left is only gracious when they’re smug. When they lose, they are incapable of introspection. Their conclusion is that there are simply more ignorant racists in America than they previously believed. So they redouble their efforts at stupidity–attacking the very people who handed them a pink slip.

And they smash windows on Lexus cars in Portland, where it’s almost certain those cars are owned by Democrats. This only makes us more certain that America needed Trump more than we ever understood.

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