Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt attends a Cabinet meeting with President Donald Trump, Monday, June 12, 2017, in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The Left’s War with Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt is the EPA Administrator, and he is inarguably the best EPA Administrator the nation has had since Neil Gorsuch’s mother was running the joint. Over the past eight years, the political left has used the EPA as a funding mechanism for its pet projects and allowed the activist left to both control its agenda and destroy its opponents.

What few people realize is that the EPA can require companies pay fines by writing checks to various “environmental” groups. The left has profited from this, and Scott Pruitt is curtailing the practice. That is chiefly why the left is angry at him, but they disguise it as climate change critiques. They genuinely dislike that he is hitting their pocketbooks.

But on global warming, some EPA “scientists” and other employees have been rushing out to denounce Pruitt and daring him to punish them. What the media has not reported is that a number of these people are long time leftwing activists deeply connected to the leftwing environmental movement. That they are targeting Pruitt is a sign he is doing his job effectively.

And what is his job? It is to ensure we have clean air and water while also allowing Americans to enjoy the nation’s natural resources. He is, unlike his immediate predecessor, balancing those missions instead of seeking to shut down American industry to protect minnows and snails. Administrator Pruitt’s world view is one where man is not seen as a net negative on the planet, while most environmentalists would be perfectly happy with the wholesale eradication of mankind from the planet, except for themselves.

The latest contretemps against Pruitt involves his audacity in calling for an actual, object review of climate science. He has proposed climate scientists who are skeptical of man made global warming be given a fair hearing. But the left is demanding consensus, which science does not really allow. Science calls for testing and duplication and more testing. The left, however, wants to bypass the testing, questioning, and more testing because they know they have concocted elaborate disaster scenarios that are not going to pan out. They also know they have a huge fortune at stake with federal grant money pinned to those disasters.

If Pruitt is allowed an honest review, he will no doubt find that there is some warming. What he will also no doubt find is that the left has long overstated both the extent of it and the required remedies for it.

Again, he will hit them in their pocket book, and they cannot stand that. Conservatives need to stand with Scott Pruitt. The left is good at concocting schemes and news hit jobs on their enemies. Pruitt is rising in rank as an enemy of the left, and we need to have his back.

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