New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman speaks at a new conference in New York, Monday, March 21, 2016. The nation's two largest daily fantasy sports websites have agreed to stop taking paid bets in New York through the end of baseball season, in September, as lawmakers consider legalizing the popular online contests, the state's attorney general announced Monday. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The Left’s Witch Hunt Exposed

Leftwing activists are upset that Congress has shined the light on their little witch hunt. Using twenty state attorneys general, the left has been harassing American companies the left believes have been conspiring against the global warming agenda. C. Boyden Gray, former White House counsel to President George H. W. Bush, writes about this today and it needs more notice than it is getting.

The publicly available evidence indicates that the Green 20 investigations were concocted by and initiated at the behest of special interest groups, designed to suppress climate change dissent and scientific research. To summarize: In 2012, several climate change-focused special interest groups gathered to devise a “strategy to fight the oil industry in the courts.”

Their hope was to enlist the coercive subpoena power of at least one “sympathetic” state attorney general to bring “internal industry documents to light.” Participants hoped to uncover “incriminating documents,” though they admitted to each other that they had no idea whether such documents even existed.

Representatives of special interest groups later met with representatives of the Green 20 in secret. And shortly thereafter, the Green 20 issued a set of subpoenas to entities long-targeted by the special interest groups with which the AGs had met.

This goes back to my point yesterday about the media’s responsibility in the rise of Trump, etc. The media will completely ignore an effort that has helped drive businesses out of business and put many blue collar workers on the unemployment line in the name of stopping global warming.

Had a group of Republican attorneys general done what these liberal ones did, there would be wall to wall media coverage and outrage. Instead, we have liberals targeting major corporations by using the subpoena powers of the attorneys general and the major media outlets are cool with it. Eric Schneiderman, the New York Attorney General, has been one of the biggest backers of the radical left’s agenda against American corporations. He took a leading role in this witch hunt and is now working tirelessly to block being exposed.

Ironically, the liberal groups are now accusing Congress of going on a fishing expedition against them, which is the very thing they’ve done.

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