The Liberal Resistance: In Confusion – Clarity

If you follow the MSM, you could be forgiven for believing there is a spirit of confusion casting a pall over America. This general sense of turbulence only seemed to deepen after Charlottesville. Having milked the fictitious Russia collusion cum conspiracy for months on end; the MSM in concert with the Swamp went from All Things Russia to All Things Racist.

The only surprise was how quickly and energetically the DC Republicans hopped aboard that bandwagon, apparently once again frightened witless by potential of being a MSM target. The noise level and anti-Trump venom was already precipitously high with All Things Russia, but it increased exponentially with Charlottesville.

In the midst of the clamor, bits and pieces of information and data began to emerge, and clarity on some issues has been provided. One of those is racism, statues and the normal everyday American. It is now apparent the majority of Americans don’t approve of our statues being torn down. Whether its by the violence of a mob, or via the secret middle of the night city council machinations, destroying American’s history is unsettling at best.

By now, it is also abundantly clear Antifa, BLM and the SJW are predisposed to violence, believe violence is the most viable solution, and and expect to use violence in opposition to conservatives all the while labelling them racist and fascist. The fact that these outlaws are coddled and protected by the MSM does not go unnoticed by those in fly-over country.  Add to that, the fact that the Sanders/Warren socialist progressive faction ignore their criminal activities only increases the notion these groups are de facto endorsed by both MSM and the political progressive left. The clarity about these violent protest groups has only increased as the MSM and the political progressive steadily begin to seriously discuss eliminating the First Amendment as we now know it.

With All Things Racism going full-steam, you could be forgiven for believing the Democratic Party now has the upper hand. Nothing could be further from the truth. Clarity was provided with the July fund raising report for both parties. The RNC out raised the DNC by approximately $6 million. There are already calls for resignation of DNC Chairman Tom Perez, the DNC is in debt and doesn’t seem to have a clue in how to move forward into the 2018 election cycle.

The American airwaves have been inundated with negative anti-Trump reporting since the election. It has been overwhelming, to the point of parody at times. Given that, Nancy Pelosi should be far more popular than the GOP and the President. She’s not. This fact was driven home by the Congressional special election in Georgia. Tying the Democratic candidate to Pelosi was the virtual nail in the coffin. To date, she still polls lower than President Trump.

While clarity is not being provided by the MSM, there is a civil war within the Democratic Party, and this is a fight for the heart of the party. On the left is the Clinton/Feinstein/Pelosi/Schumer/McCaskill traditional liberal faction, and on the far left is the Sanders/Warren/Ellison progressive Socialist movement. This is currently being played out on the west coast, and this left coast civil war is just now beginning to creep into the national party conversation, with Sen. Warren D-MA advocating the fact that Socialist Democrats are in reality the true heart and soul of the party.

Between the dismal fund raising, the fallout over the Antifa/BLM violence and assault on the first amendment, and the total lack of national cohesion within the party, its hard to see how the Democratic Party can move forward and achieve its White House goal for 2020, much less 2018. What is now abundantly clear is the potential 2018 drubbing headed their way.  “Trump Bad – Democrats Good” simply is not a winning message. Ask Hillary. As it sits right now, the liberal party might gain a few House seats, but stand to lose between 6-8 senate seats, with further continued losses in the states. They seem condemned to their success being limited to the coasts and Chicago.

Lastly, if you add into this noxious stew, statements by state politicians calling for the assasination of our President, gallows humor about his death by late night comedians, along with the never-ending impeachment diatribe in the House, it is difficult to ascertain how the Democratic Party will get the Trump democrat vote back any time soon. Its not just a messaging problem, its not a just vision issue, nor it is solely about leadership.

What is clear as a bell is the Democratic Party has fundamentally changed. They have morphed into a fractious, anti-constitution, violent activist force for socialism. This type of movement isn’t new. Europe experienced this socialist force with the accompanying violence as they began their inexorable movement to Democratic Socialism.

Their success here in America is not so clear. But, what is clear is they will never give up. They will never quit. They will not stop in their attempts to push us to the far-left. The Resistance is real, it is virulent and aggressive.

Given that, we can’t afford confusion, no matter how much chaff the MSM throws our way. Fortunately, we can rest easy in the fact truth will always out, the clouds will part and clarity will come shining through.









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