The Liberals Have Put Us in a Race War

While most of America sits in front of our televisions watching Olympic coverage or cable news, there is a race war going on. It’s just not everyone is fighting in it.

As a comparison, let’s look at our struggle to prevent terror.

We have to recognize that radical Islam is at war with America, even though for 15-plus years, two American presidents have beat into our heads that America is not at war with Islam. Of course we’re at war, it’s just that not everyone is fighting. Most of us are comfortable sitting at home watching and commenting (myself included).

Now back to race.

In 2008, we heard Barack Obama’s pastor of twenty years tell his congregation “God Damn America.” Jeremiah Wright was still talking about race in 2015, except this time he slammed his former congregant for not doing enough.

“My daughter and granddaughter call him our Halfrican-American president—he don’t want to talk about reparations,” Wright said, never naming Obama. “It’s not personal responsibility. It’s not ‘pull your pants up.’ Don’t get on Fox News and lecture black men. You’re missing the point. Let’s talk about white-on-black crime. Until we have a hard dialogue, it’s all gonna be superficial, ‘Kumbaya,’ ‘We Shall Overcome.’”

It’s a war. And every time a white police officer shoots an African-American person, justified or unjustified, the facts are unimportant–it’s another battle in the war.

In Milwaukee, protestors became rioters, which became a mob to attack white people.

Videos and photos showed protestors actively pointing whites out who were driving past the scene of the riot to be dragged out of their cars and beaten.

“They’re beating every white person! They jumpin’ every white person.” shouted one man who was filming the scene.

Let’s link up Wright’s language to actions:

Earlier today, we reported how one protestor claimed that one of the reasons riots like these happen is because the rich aren’t giving their money to black people. Clearly, the racial tensions within the black community are so thick, that it’s caused a massive lack of empathy between protestors and other groups outside of this community.

“The rich” means rich white people, who, by Wright’s (and others’) reckoning, owe African-Americans all their money for acts committed 150-plus years ago. For these people, the Civil War was meaningless because white people still had money and land and resources afterward. They have little understanding of history or economics or sociology or anything other than their own desire to have what others possess.

We are in a race war, because people like Wright, and everyone in the “black power” movement (which includes Black Lives Matter and Black Liberation Theology proponents), believe that every problem in America derives from slavery and cultural (or property) appropriation (read: colonialism). Wright:

“I heard Donald Trump say if you’re here illegally you need to go back. Let’s start in the 1400s!” he said, then quickly moved to discussing the “the illegal state of Israel.” On the plight of Palestinians, he offered a Canaanite’s perspective: “What kind of God you got that promised your ass my land?”

Just as suddenly he was veering back to Trump: “You want to talk about thugs and rapists? Georgia was founded as a colony for criminals!”

When every crime is justified because of what happened in the 1400’s (President Obama himself referred to the Crusades in his “high horse” National Prayer Breakfast speech), it no longer becomes crime, it becomes battles in a war.

Liberals are always talking about how we should let radical Islamists know we’re not at war with them, that we have no beef with them, and if we only could give them more opportunity and less reason to hate us, they’d come around. But radical Islam is based on a doctrine and texts its adherents consider sacred, holy and inviolable. Nothing we say (short of converting to their brand of Islam) will fix that.

But when it comes to race relations in America, when reconciliation, opportunity, and personal responsibility actually are the answer, liberals revert to war talk.

Maybe it’s only liberals who are at war. But we’re all dragged into it when it becomes a shooting race war.

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