The Lights Go Out on the Statue of Liberty While the Left Scrambles for a Metaphor

The favorite phrase on the Left these days is “the Statue of liberty is crying,” uttered in complete despair anytime Donald Trump sneezes. Although the Trump presidency hasn’t been perfect and there are still plenty of chances for the president’s baser instincts to push through, the Left’s hysteria is wearing thin pretty quickly.

Well, guess what happened Tuesday night? For about an hour, the lights that illuminate the Statue of Liberty went dark, leaving only the base and the torch lit. The National Park Service initially didn’t have an explanation, but they eventually chalked it up to a power failure and work being done on a generator.

But that wasn’t enough for the Left, because there just had to be some sort of metaphor, some sort of overarching reason why the lights went out. (For a bunch of people who seek to deny the divine, they love to scramble for meaning when it suits their purposes.)

Beyond the predictable Russian hacking joke, two theories have emerged from the Left. The first is that the Statue of Liberty finally issued a public statement on the Trump presidency.

Lady Liberty was either protesting President Trump generally and, more specifically, his travel ban just a day after he signed the revised executive order limiting entry to the United States from six Muslim-majority countries.


“Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses but later. We’re closed,” one tweet said. Her lights were out because “Trump has plunged our country into darkness,” said another.

“I’ve been wondering how long before France asks @realDonaldTrump for the statue of liberty back as he clearly doesn’t respect its symbolism,” tweeted Jason Rumble.

And the other, also totally predictable theory from the Left was that Lady Liberty went dark in solidarity with the protests scheduled for Wednesday’s International Women’s Day.

Good grief, people. Power outages happen. Sometimes the lights go out simply because the lights have gone out. It’s kind of like how every weather event is living proof of manmade climate change – we don’t need to read some sort of Leftist-narrative-suiting purpose into everything that goes on.

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