The Macon Airport Sucks

Let me just say that. I’m hacked off right now.

I’m headed to Washington, DC today on business and the folks who are paying my way were kind enough to fly me out of Macon, instead of Atlanta.

At the exact moment the flight is suppose to board, it gets cancelled. Cancelled!

My connecting flight is at 10:30. Had they bothered to cancel the flight 15 minutes before hand, I could have driven myself to Atlanta to catch my next flight.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

The free wireless does not make up for the fact that the airport operates just like the City.

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  • I’ve given up using the Macon Airport for myself and the kids. I’ve found it easier and quicker to just drive to Atlanta. Also look at the pictures in the frames at the Macon Airport and tell me what is with all of the arabic writing displayed in them? There is no english conversion next to them. go figure.

  • Mr. Erickson:
    I wonder if our money won’t be better spent building a new airport near Houston/Peach/Crawford versus trying to upgrade that land-locked, ramshackle thing back of my house. And let Georgia DOT run it!

    RecallEllis has more of my post on this but nibble on this; in 1972 the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce felt an alternate airport would conflict less with Robins AFB’s air traffic. So what has changed since then?