Josh Perry Ted Cruz Interview

The Man Behind Ted Cruz’s Digital Dominance

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Electing Ted Cruz to the Senate was a monumental challenge, and Josh drove the digital campaign that made it happen!

Today we’re talking to the man behind Ted Cruz’s social media success: Mr. Josh Perry.

Josh is an alumni of the University of Texas at Austin and has been working full time in Conservative Politics since graduation. Prior to that, Josh was heavily involved with Young Conservatives of Texas, and using his free time to promote conservative causes.

In January of 2011, Now Senator Cruz hired Josh when he was a long-shot up-start candidate with single digit name ID and only a few more digits in the campaign bank account.

Josh has been with the Senator ever since: Through that first campaign, the intervening senate years, the Presidential Primary and now as the road to senate reelection begins. Through each of those chapters, Josh has been critical to the shape and direction of Cruz’s message, especially in the ever important digital realm.

There’s so much that I want to cover with Josh that I think we’re probably going to have to bring him back for a follow-up episode later this year.

Links from the Podcast:

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Check out the Chupacabra video ad that we mentioned!

Important Time Stamps and Descriptions:

00:00 Podcast Introduction

00:26 Josh Perry Bio

01:46 How did you initially get involved in politics?

04:58 Ted Cruz enters the story

07:22 Clarification: Sen. Hutchison ran for Governor in 2010 but did not vacate her Senate seat to do so.

07:40 Josh joins Team Cruz

08:39 How NOT to drive your candidate…

11:08 How did y’all look at social media as you came into the digital director role?

13:44 Ducking Dewhurst

16:40 How did you maximize coverage from earned media?

19:58 Go wherever your voters are!

25:32 How did y’alls new media usage and strategy evolve during the Senate Campaign?

30:26 Stories from the Campaign Trail

35:12 What was it like transitioning from working with a Candidate to an Elected Senator?

42:10 Closing thoughts & Outro

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