The Man Who Wrote the Book on Deal Making, Can’t Close

Donald Trump “wrote” the book on deal making, The Art of the Deal. It was actually the first business book I ever read. In it he talks about having to sell deals to close deals. The other side has to be convinced there is something in it for them, among other things.

He’s the man who “wrote” the book on deal making, but he is having a harder time closing the deal with Republican voters than any candidate before him. In fact, Cruz and Kasich have now cut the deal that Trump wanted to cut. Trump would have killed for a deal with Kasich to cut off Cruz. But it was to no avail.

Now Trump, who last week the media pretended was growing as a statement and whose own team told Republicans that the Trump we are seeing is all an act, is on stage complaining about the way John Kasich eats.

It turns out “Lyin’Ted” is more “Lion Ted” willing to do what it takes to be king of the jungle. Cruz and Kasich can stop Trump from getting to 1,237, each gambling on besting the other at the convention. Trump’s antics today only give Cruz and Kasich more incentive to solidify this alliance, which this morning was tenuous.

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