The Media Dishonesty Gives Trump Legitimate Talking Points

President Trump has ended a healthcare subsidy for insurance companies under Obamacare. The CNN chyron announced that President Trump was ending subsidies for the poor. That was maliciously dishonest.

The reality is Congress did not authorize the subsidies and federal courts have determined the President cannot pay those subsidies without congressional authorization. So, in other words, the three branches of the federal government have concluded that it is Congress, as the founders intended, which is invested with the power of the purse.

If you listen to the media today, you’d be hard pressed to know that President Trump both complying with the law and with a court decision.

The media would prefer to make this all about dismantling Obamacare and ignore the fact President Obama had no constitutional authority to do what he did.

When the President blasts fake news, this is what he is talking about and this gives his supporters ample room to ignore the President’s more outlandish attacks against the press.

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