The Media Must Shun Trump

“You are the biggest story in the world.”

It’s from Donald Trump’s latest interview with The Washington Post‘s Philip Rucker (the formerly banned WaPo, that is).

TRUMP: The media has a tremendous bias and has for a very long time against the Republican party and against somebody that happens to be conservative. They certainly have a tremendous bias against me. Everyone’s talking about it. Worldwide, they’re talking about the bias. When you look at the New York Times, when you look at The Washington Post, when you look at CNN. I mean CNN is all Trump all the time. It’s called the Clinton News Network. Every story is Trump. All day long no matter what it is.

RUCKER: You are the biggest story in the world.

If there’s any way you could pump six tons of hydrazine onto a field of burning dumpsters, the result would be the effect on Trump’s ego being told he’s the biggest story in the world. Though Trump may have inwardly experienced a joygasm at that statement, outwardly he didn’t react.

TRUMP: No, I get ratings. If I didn’t get ratings, they wouldn’t do it. They don’t care about poll numbers, they only care about ratings. And, I get ratings but I don’t do interviews for those people anymore. I don’t watch CNN anymore. I don’t do interviews with CNN anymore because its not worth it. It’s very biased against me.

Trump isn’t a politician. He’s not running a campaign. He’s making a movie. I think the movie is Rocky or Rocky IV. We’re now at the part where Rocky cannot possibly win. Then Rocky goes to Siberia, we hear an 80’s-music montage, and he returns to triumph to adoring crowds chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

Scene by scene, the orange hued would-be god is crafting a story, where he is nearly defeated, only to rise out of his own ashes and ascend to glory. I’m being totally serious. And so is Trump.

That’s the only coherent answer that explains why Trump keeps saying more and more disgusting things. He’s daring us to hate him. He’s trying on purpose to put himself underground. He’s building drama for his return.

In the movie “The Hunt for Red October,” there’s a scene where Captain Ramius (Sean Connery) is about to crash into Thor’s Pillars, and turns the sub after an impossibly close shave. Connery sits calmly for 15 seconds after the navigator shouts “mark!” counting in his head. This is how Trump sees himself. He thinks he’s playing Ramius, and can turn his campaign around just before it self-destructs.

So let’s let him try.

Trump claims the media is only after ratings. If Trump farts, they cover it to the exclusion of everything else. The Olympics are about to start, which will dampen all political discussion while the country focuses on swimming, track, and gymnastics for two weeks.

After that, the media should shun Trump. If CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the main stream media, newspapers, and top line blogs treated him like the Huffington Post did back a year ago–moved to the entertainment section, not fit for news, let’s see how Trump would do.

Trump is making a movie–a fantasy. It doesn’t translate into the real world. If the press were serious about America’s future, they’d stop giving him a megaphone. If Trump wants to be on the air, let him pay for it (he has booked zero television advertising).

Give it a few weeks. Shun Trump. Then see if he can recover from the ashes. My guess is in the face of the “unfair media” shunning him, Trump will say and do ever-more outrageous things for attention, miscalculate, and slam right into Thor’s Pillars. He will not rise from his own ashes.

But the press must shun Trump.

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Steve Berman

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