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Elephants have been recruited to assist in the relief effort in Asia. Elephants, used as work animals in some countries, are able to navigate bodies of water and lift heavy loads. No word yet on conspiracy theorists who might see some hidden meaning in the symbol of the GOP being used.

The Navy is participating in the relief effort as well. While this undermines the United Nations’ abilities, says Clair Short, it is not included in the overall aid package from the United States. It’s just us being us — helping those who cannot help themselves. No word yet on anti-military protests against the US for daring to use military forces in relief efforts.

Our protagonist, Senator Tom “Trainwreck” Coburn, intends to challenge rules that prohibit him from practicing medicine while in the Senate. This country use to have a tradition where citizen servants went to Congress for a while then returned to their private occupations. Congress stopped all of that and we are left with full time legislators who spend their free time thinking of new ways to spend our money.

The New York Times has a profile of Speaker Hastert. I haven’t read the whole thing, but the first couple of pages aren’t that bad. Hastert is soft spoken, but knows when to kick butt.

And finally, let’s highlight two reports Matt Drudge is breaking. First, Democrats might just really attack Al Gonzales on the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse. The Dems want to screen videos of the prison for Gonzales. Gonzales helped formulate policies on interrogation techniques. And Christie Todd Whitman, former New Jersey Governor and EPA head, has written a Bush bashing book in which she assails “antiregulatory lobbyists” and says the President really didn’t get the mandate from the election people suggest he got. Well, to the winner goes the spoils and Ms. Whitman is not amongst the winners anymore.

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