The New Narrative: Omar Mateen Was Gay, Not a Terrorist

The left simply cannot reconcile that a muslim would kill a bunch of gay people at a nightclub. Only Christians are supposed to do that. After all, the left bends over backwards and forwards to show muslims how tolerant they are. Leftist-in-Chief Barack Obama will not even say “radical Islam.”

So the left must push a new narrative.

The terrorist was a closet homosexual with pent up urges that led him to violence against gays out of the closet. Ignore that he was on the terrorist watch list. Ignore that the FBI had concerns in 2013 and 2014. Ignore that he called 911 and pledged loyalty to ISIS.

He was gay and in the closet and clearly that burden led him to do this. If only America were even more tolerant and let men into bathrooms. That would have solved everything.

Within the next 24 hours, this will be the prevailing media narrative because the left absolutely cannot process that radical Islam will come for them too.

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