The Number One Reason I Ask Readers for Contributions

Because I hated, for years, that I had to send stuff like this to readers trying to boost the ad revenue of the site. We are not in a strong financial position here, right now, and I’m spending a lot of money out of pocket. I have yet to earn any income off this site. But I would still rather shutter it than have to go back to this. We have sent a few here I cringed at and I just had to stop. I know sites have to do what they have to do. In addition to having a number of sponsors refuse to advertise because of our right-wing politics here, we have had a solid number of our sponsors harassed by Trump voters, which caused even more shuttering of sponsorships.

The conservative side of the web has had to lower its standards for ad revenue far more than any of us ever wanted. There are leftwing sites that can get General Electric as a sponsor. No so on the right. First, they tend to have liberals making their ad placement decisions. Second, they know they’d get boycotted for putting up an ad.

It makes things more difficult. Likewise, there are a number of left-of-center sites that rely on large contributions from major donors for the cause. On the right, we get large donors who want a major business plan, a rate of return on investment that is financial instead of goal oriented, and even then don’t get much. I was blessed to have some good friends and new friends help me here get started. But it ain’t easy.

Nonetheless, I don’t want to have to send out crap like this. The ad block at the bottom of the site, which I cannot change, often shows these sorts of things. But I’d rather bury them at the bottom than send them into your inbox.

So, that being said, if you care to contribute to the cause, you can go here.

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