Steven Mnuchin, national finance chairman of President-elect Donald Trump's campaign, arrives at Trump Tower, Monday, Nov. 21, 2016 in New York, to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The One Nominee the GOP Should Oppose

Republicans will begin confirmation hearings tomorrow. Those of us who were Trump critics and skeptics from the right have to admit he has nominated really good people. Tillerson for State, upon examination, looks solid. Mattis at Defense, which should be renamed the War Department, is stellar. DeVos, Price, Perdue, Haley, etc. all are great, great picks who will help undo a lot of the last eight years while charting a stable course for the future. The fact that Trump is willing to go with Jeff Sessions for Attorney General speaks to his willingness to not be bullied by race baiters on the left. Sessions is a good man and perfectly qualified for the job. He should be confirmed.

But I am still concerned with Steve Mnuchin for Treasury. We have a lot of Goldman Sachs guys headed in, but few who were also George Soros guys and a Hollywood guy at that. There is nothing, in my mind, wrong with Goldman Sachs per se, but there are a lot of people from one place coming in to deal with finance. There is, however, something wrong with a guy who worked with George Soros working as a Republican Treasury secretary. Not only that, there are legitimate questions about foreclosures in a bank Mnuchin presided over. If Republicans are to reject one of Trump’s nominees, I think Mnuchin is the guy to reject.

I hope he will be questioned thoroughly about his bank dealings, Soros ties, and foreclosures that happened under his watch. There is baggage there that should concern the GOP.

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