The One Temporary Good Thing Donald Trump Has Done

Donald Trump and his Island of Misfit Toys campaign wrecked havoc on the GOP’s consultant class. That consultant class has lost repeatedly to Democrats in the last eight years and has now lost internally.

After Howard Dean’s collapse in 2004, Dean took over the Democratic National Committee and with him, much of the Democrats’ consultant class went into retirement. Having gotten rich off wins and losses, with a great many losses, the Democrats decided it was time for a house cleaning. With Barack Obama’s rise in 2008, Obama brought in consultants from Chicago and, in an additional bold step, put consultants on his campaign payroll denying them the ability to work for other candidates making lots of commissions.

This has never happened for the GOP. Its consultants aggressively play in the race for the GOP Chairman hoping to win contracts. Its staff create side entities to funnel no-bid contracts to in order to make money off the party. Outside groups that get contracts then work their employees into the RNC to ensure the gravy train keeps flowing back to those outside interest groups. The party incest has continued.

It has reached the point where the inbred Republican consultant class can no longer muster a fight internally, having already been losing externally.

Unfortunately for the party, it is apparent that Donald Trump does not now intend to purge the consultant class, but to use them. Instead of cleaning up the consultant class, they will be further subsidized. There is a real opportunity here to reform the consultant class. Trump beating them was a good first step. But keeping their gravy train rolling will not fix anything and much needs to be fixed.

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