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The One Thing We Know About The GOP’s Response to Obama on Guns

The Republicans are trying to find a response to President Obama’s executive action on gun control. The one thing we know for certain that they will not do is anything effective.

We have seen this song and dance before.

One powerful appropriator, Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas), has threatened to block federal funding for the Department of Justice unless the president’s actions are reversed. But last year’s trillion-dollar spending deal already funds the department through September, limiting the GOP’s leverage.

The courts are another option. GOP lawmakers are expected to sue to stop Obama’s gun control proposals from taking effect, a step they’ve taken in the past in fights over executive power. But the legal route almost certainly would result in a drawn-out process that might not be resolved until well after Obama leaves office in early 2017.

If the GOP can find a favorable judge, they will surely go that route. But it will tie things up in court and they may even lose that. But for Culberson to say he will block federal funding to the DOJ is laughable. The Republicans have funded every part of the Obama Administration and all his schemes. They were too damn scared to shut down the government over Obamacare. They were too scared to shut it down over the debt ceiling. They were too scared to shut it down over Planned Parenthood.

The GOP will not do anything effective to block Obama on gun control and he knows it. The very reason Barack Obama can get away with what he is doing is the very same reason China is building islands in the South China Sea, Putin is helping Syria, and ISIS is spreading like a virus. The only force willing to block them is impotent, just as the only force willing to stop Obama is impotent.

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