The One Time The Media Loves To Lower The Glass Ceiling

This Friday, the media will, without a doubt, lower the glass ceiling on the highest achieving woman in a national presidential election, when she takes the podium at an event with enormous attendance, at the National Mall, held year after year. On Friday, Jan. 27, they will do their best to ignore her, and the event at which she will speak.

When hundreds of thousands of women gathered on the National Mall to condemn femininity in all its forms, they celebrated their sexuality like the orgies held at the temple of Aphrodite on the acropolis of Corinth. They threw off all societal restraints except seeking their own pleasure as the personal right and object of their selfish, fleshly, vain lives.

Anyone who dared to pierce their lust-filled celebration of vaginal pride and unlimited sex, such as a group of women who acknowledge the inconvenient fact that sex leads to biological reproduction, and the conception of a new living being, was given the boot.

The media lapped up the progressive, anti-Trump, estrogen-flavored waterfall, dubbing it the “women’s inauguration.”

The New York Times quoted “crowd scientists” to claim the Women’s March had three times more people than Trump’s inauguration. I use judicious quotes around the term since before reading it in the NYT, I’d never heard it before–they literally coined a new term for a field of study just to make this claim.

They used used these images, with Trump’s inauguration on the left and the Women’s March of the following day on the right.

These inevitably led to my favorite response, given the outcome of the actual election.

But year-in and year-out, the March for Life holds an enormous gathering in Washington and other places to mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling which legalized abortion in the U.S.

According to various reports, which are consolidated in a Wikipedia entry, the march has been attended by around 250,000 from 2003 to 2009. When Obama entered office, the numbers started to rise, with 2013 attracting as many as 650,000. (Dan McLaughlin noted that the National Park Service quit offering crowd-size estimates after Louis Farrakhan threatened to sue over the size of his Million Man March.)

The media generally downplays, buries, or completely ignores the March for Life, and sometimes low-balls attendance figures. In 2016, they claimed it was a “small crowd.” Judge for yourself.

This Friday, Trump Administration Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway, the only woman in history to manage a winning presidential campaign, will speak at the March for Life.

“We are thrilled to have Kellyanne Conway speak at this year’s March for Life,” said Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life. “As the first female to run a successful presidential campaign and as a steadfast advocate for life and family issues, Kellyanne beautifully embodies the 2017 March for Life’s theme, ‘The Power of One.'”

Conway is pro-life, pro-God, and pro-family. She’s the mother of four children. Somehow, women–even career women–who value their children over their careers and their own ambition, are unworthy banners of feminist power. Feminism, to liberals (and the liberal media) is “intersectionally” linked to progressive (read: godless, self-centered, humanistic, life-devaluing, pleasure-seeking) causes.

Therefore, Conway must be placed below a glass ceiling. They must keep her from rising up as a woman because she cannot be a true avatar of feminism. She’s simply too feminine for that.

The progressives cannot allow those who hold life sacred, who hold God as all-powerful (versus the all-powerful State), who hold morality as absolute in a relativistic world, to break the glass ceiling. They would rather cover nothing at all than to give press time to a crowd that, year after year, in all weather, rivals many inaugurations in attendance.

Or just maybe, this year, they won’t be able to run away. We can always hope.

Note: Our own Resurgent writer Gabriella Hoffman will be hosting March for Life TV this year. Make sure you follow her and tune in. Also check out her blog from last year.

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