The Only Wasted Vote…

Daniel Hannan is a true statesman and mesmerizing orator. Part of it is no doubt his accent and British mannerisms but their ultimate utility is to draw you in to the content of his presentation.

Today, in his series of YouTube videos, titled Ici Londres (French for “This is London”), Hannan expanded his geographic audience with a word to American voters with an important message: “Americans! Don’t vote for an unfit candidate!” It’s a message I hope many of my fellow voters, on both sides of the aisle, will pay attention to.

If you have two unfit candidates, then it really is no argument at all to say X is worse than Y. If somebody is unfit, then somebody is unfit. You should at least have the integrity to stay true to yourself.

He concludes his message with this powerful line, “The only wasted vote is a vote cast without conviction.”

In a manner that only a Brit could do, Daniel distills innumerable blog posts worth of content into a short, powerful statement. Hannan’s entire video (only 2:46 in length) is worth a complete viewing and sharing around.

Watch above and follow him on twitter for more great content!

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