President Donald Trump waves as he walks with first lady Melania Trump during the inauguration parade on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2016. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, Pool)

The Only Way to Stop Donald Trump Is to Join Him, Not Resist Him

In his inaugural address yesterday, President Trump said he wanted to return the government to the people. He wants to give it back. The problem for the American left is that they have bought into the notion that the federal government should be all encompassing and all powerful. As they see now, that is a bad idea. They were fine with Barack Obama having that power, but now Donald Trump has it. The good news for them is Donald Trump wants to reduce the power of Washington. Liberals should want to hold him to this. It is a good thing for us all.

A government big enough to give us everything is big enough to take it all away. Right now, the American left has visions of it all being taken away. Government should have never done much of it in the first place. Government should not be the provider of our health care or an expansive safety net — at least the federal government should not be. If you want it in your state, go for it. But the federal government has no business doing these things.

The American left should take Donald Trump at his word and take back their government. They should embrace a limited federal government and expansive state governments. They can have their abortions, transgender bathrooms, and Obamacare in their states and leave the other states alone. Let Washington just focus on the basics of printing currency, providing for the common defense, and ensuring fair play between the states.

The next four years promise to be a nightmare for anyone and everyone who wants a super powerful government, but does not want Donald Trump in charge of it. The only way to get through this nightmare is to embrace Donald Trump’s promise to give the government back and reduce the power of Washington.

Resist him all you want. He will just dig in his heels. Encourage him to really devolve power back to the states and people and you will put the Presidency and Washington back into their proper spheres and have far less to worry about from a Trump Administration.

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