The Perfect Christmas Gift

If you have never followed the Church Curmudgeon on twitter, you should. He is laugh out loud hysterical and once got me in trouble in church. One of his tweets popped up on my phone right as the pastor in church got to ‘he was crushed for our iniquities’ in his sermon. I laughed. That was the moment I had to stop twitter sending me push notifications.

Well, the Church Curmudgeon’s tweets are now in book form and I have read the book. My wife has sat as my hostage while I read the book to her. We laughed at every single line. I have not read a book in a long time that produced that much laughter.

So I highly, highly recommend you go order this for Christmas. And if you use my Amazon link, Amazon sends me love when you order.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the book:

Nice to see thousands of young people using technology to land a man on the moon.
Oh, wait. You’re taking pictures of your latte.

Business tip: If you’re starting a Christian clothing line, probably best not to call it “Cross Dressing.”

Whoever said Baptists don’t gamble never had to choose from six potato salads at a potluck.

Order Then Tweets My Soul here.

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