The Perfect Example of Media Disconnect

Pay attention to this “Muslim Ban” (it’s not a Muslim ban) issue as it is CRITICAL in helping the media understand its newfound failure to read the pulse of the public.  The public is DROWNING in liberalism from the media and its communist Hollywood allies.  I could cite examples but that would involve more effort than I’m willing to put into this.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!  Media people largely live in urban, Democratic areas.  They have Democrat friends.  They go to Democrat parties.  They even date other Democrats if their standards are low enough.

Anyway, back to the drowning.  Trump won his election and nobody saw it coming.  Why didn’t the pollsters see it coming?  Because people lie to the pollsters.  They lie because every time they turn on the TV they’re told how stupid and racist and backwards their opinions are.  CONSTANTLY beating people down for their beliefs won’t change their beliefs but it WILL make them less inclined to be honest about them.

EXAMPLE: Pets suck.  They smell, provide no conversation, and generally are a gigantic money-drain.  I regularly lie about my feelings about them though.  Why do I do this?  Because I’m at important corporate events and I don’t want bosses and coworkers to think I’m a monster.

Which brings us to the refugee ban.  The media (and Hollywood) is in full virtue-signal meltdown mode.  You can’t turn on the news without seeing a sick or dying refugee child.  They’re even getting some help from the #ALWAYSMARCO/EVANMCMULLIN people.

The. Public. Does. Not. Agree. With. You.

They will NEVER be honest about it but the vast majority of Americans would tell you that they think we should halt Muslim immigration until Islam is able to root out its radicals.

So shame the public.  Tell them how stupid and racist Trump is.  Make sure you tell everyone “THAT’S NOT WHO WE ARE!”  That’s fine.  Just don’t take the following silence from the public as them accepting what you believe.  They just figure it’s better to be silent.


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