The Personality Cult Will Fade. Ideas Will Still Matter.

The Resurgent is putting together a conservative summit to focus on ideas, not personalities in politics. Sure, we’ll profile some good conservative candidates for you, but we want to invite businesses, think tanks, politicians, and grassroots activists to move beyond the politics of personality and cults thereof. We want to talk about conservative ideas and sound public policy.

We will be inviting people like Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Tim Scott, John Thune, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Ken Buck, Lamar Smith, Marsha Blackburn, Paul Ryan, Greg Abbott, Pete Ricketts, Josh Mandel, and others along with conservative thought leaders outside the elected class to have conversations on what ideas and policies conservatives should rally around.

We want you to attend too. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and will be announcing the date and location shortly. You can sign up below to get all the details when they arrive. Please note this is a single sign up list. You won’t get emails related to anything other than the conference by signing up below.

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