The Phantom

I sneaked (note: there is no “snuck”) out of work a little early today and took Christy to see “The Phantom of the Opera.” I have never seen the play. Christy has not seen it either. She has, however, read the book 10 – 12 times (she was a psychology major). While not having seen the play, I have listened to it dozens, if not hundreds, of times. I have formed an image in my head of what the play looked like and sounded like in person. The movie did not disappoint.

While there were obvious deviations from the book, the movie had as closely an identical score to the play as it could. I thought it might be cheesy, and the initial intro in the Phantom’s lair felt like bad 70’s porn with a great musical score, the whole of the movie was beautiful to watch and listen to. It was delightful. The opening special effect of raising the crystal chandelier is worth the price of admission.

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