The Pivot

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump pivot toward November, clashing first online before they inevitably meet onstage, the press is also pivoting. Now they want to expose Trump for the professional liar he is.

After months of giving Trump softball interviews, including Sixty Minutes, where he ate Scott Pelley alive, now CNN decided to do some actual real-time fact-checking, as if Google has been down since July. It has not gone unnoticed; the New York Times reported Thursday:

I no more expect CNN to set Wolf Blitzer’s beard on fire than to instantly call out the Mount Everest of liars. Trump lies about big things (there is no drought in California) and small things (his hair spray could not affect the ozone layer because it’s sealed within Trump Tower). He lies about himself, and the fake self he invented to talk about himself. He’s been shown to lie more than 70 times in a single event.

Given the scale of Trump’s mendacity and the stakes for the free world, it’s time that we go into the fall debates with a new rule — an instant fact-check on statements made by the candidates onstage. The Presidential Debate Commission should do what any first-grader with Google access can do, and call out lies before the words hit the floor.

You know, that would have been a great idea in 2012 also, when CNN’s Candy Crowley leaped with superhero reflexes to defend President Obama, who lied about Benghazi before the American public. Then CNN doubled down defending her nonfactual–and real-time–correction of Mitt Romney, who was dead right.

The only purpose of a “real-time fact check” would be to make Trump look more looney than he already does, and expose his lies more than they already are, while leaping to Hillary’s defense like the Secret Service jumps in front to take a bullet. The MSM is going to do everything it can to win this election for Hillary.

We know their game. They gave Trump $2 billion in free advertising. They used a case of Astroglide  making him look good on camera. Now they are making their pivot to Hillary.

They’re trying to do this and make it look like it’s “journalism” or “fact checking.” Now who’s lying?

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