Protesters against fracking during a march for science Saturday, April 22, 2017, in Denver. The Mile High City is joining communities around the globe where people are marching to defend scientific work from attacks including U.S. government budget cuts. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

The Politicization and Religiosity of Science

This weekend’s March for Science is yet more evidence the government should get out of funding science. Science has become so politicized, it is harder and harder to know what is true and what is said to get government grants. The hilarious part of it all is the vast array of liberals marching who claimed to be for science, but who think men can get pregnant and life begins when a woman takes her baby home from the hospital.

Science is increasingly also a religious affair. Anyone who is skeptical of a scientific theory must be burned at the stake, or at least denied access to television and employment. The more one values a scientific theory, the more one expects the government to tithe to the high priests of the theory.

Is it any wonder so many people are skeptical of claims of global warming when the high priests of the cult have been telling us for thirty years that we only had ten years left to do something? We are now thirty years past the ten years that were supposed to be our last.

And heck, I am even persuaded that climate change is real. I even think humanity affects it, though I think the degree to which humanity affects it is vastly overstated to scare us into action. I just don’t care about the problem of global warming and am reminded the very people who care most about it are the ones who believe humanity is adaptable and capable of evolving, except to deal with this issue. The reaction to this statement, however, will be met with religious fervor. But I simply do not care about climate change.

Also, look at the picture above. The very same people who oppose climate change will often oppose fracking despite the sound science behind it and the fact that it burns far cleaner natural gas than coal, thereby reducing emissions. But that’s just not good enough for the “pro-science” crowd, which would prefer to ignore the actual science to peddle an anti-capitalist, anti-energy use agenda.

Science has become a religion for many of those who marched in the streets. They are not nearly as pro-science as the claim, but have weaponized science and made it partisan to act morally superior to their political opponents. They are, on one hand, able to argue with a straight face against all scientific evidence that gender is a social construct, then claim it is possible to surgically alter one’s self to conform to something that is only a social construct. They pick and choose what science they like and scream bigotry and small mindedness when anyone disagrees.

What we are really witnessing is the devolution of humanity back to a time when mankind worshipped nature itself as a god. It is neo-paganism wrapped in secularism complete with burnings at the stake for heretics and child sacrifice subsidized by the government. It is not science, but religion.

The very people who blast the Catholic Church for the arrest of Galileo would now themselves arrest Galileo if he dared point out the flaws in their scientific theories on sexual orientation, gender identity, and global warming.

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