The Politico Completely Botched a Story on Donald Trump’s Money

The Politico and its reporters might as well stand down on trying to convince conservatives there is no bias and they are not in the tank for Clinton. The news organization got sensational and widespread coverage yesterday over its story that Donald Trump had given exactly $0.00 to the RNC in October.

Now they’ve issued a correction. As the Blaze notes, “The actual truth is that Trump has transferred about $2.2 million so far this month, along with several hundred thousand dollars to various state committees.”

Pretty big difference between zero and two million.

True, it is really anemic fundraising and Trump has way less on hand than Clinton right now. But zero? It got lots of traffic for Politico, and the correction surely will not get as much traffic, but all it is doing is feeding the notion of media malpractice.

This all comes on the heels of Wikileaks revealing a sycophantic email from Politico’s Glenn Thrush to John Podesta. In the aftermath, Thrush was highly defensive and attacked conservatives for pointing out what he’d done.

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