The Pope

Progress already with the new Pope. Next, I hope he picks a fight with Islam.

The Vatican has defrocked six priests from the Archdiocese of New York %u2014 including one who paid for sex with an underage boy and another who was convicted of sodomizing a drunken teen, officials said yesterday.

All the men lost their pensions and will not be allowed to perform priestly duties and were stripped of their collars by the Roman Catholic Church following allegations of sexual abuse.

A seventh priest, who was also accused of sexual abuse, Rev. Alfred Gallant, of Orange County, was allowed to retain his title of priest and keep his pension, but not allowed to perform sacraments.

One of the defrocked priests, Daniel Calabrese, 44, who once served at a Staten Island parish, pleaded guilty in 1993 to performing oral sex on a teenager in upstate Poughkeepsie. He admitted to plying the youngster with vodka before abusing him in his church rectory.

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