The Post-Inaugural Riots Might Be a Harbinger of Post-Trump America

As we contemplate life under President Trump for the next four (or eight) years, it is, unfortunately, not too early to also contemplate what the world will look like after he leaves. Analysts describe the Republican Party as being stronger than at anytime since 1928. That should be a source of humility rather than pride for Republicans. While the political map looked like this in 1928, it didn’t take long for things to look like that. The Left’s display since Election Day of unbridled hatred reveals a potentially dark future that, given the Republican Party’s historic inability to exploit victories and retain power, might come sooner than we think.

Democrats of the post-Trump era will be unrecognizable to those who voted for JFK, and even to many who voted for Bill Clinton. The party will be a more self-righteous, more militant, more anti-Israel, and more anti-Christian force than anything we’ve seen in this nation in our lifetimes.

And unlike Republicans, Democrats use power when they get it. For all of the recent wailings about women needing new coat hangers and gays being forced back into the closet, same-sex marriage, abortion, and the secularization of our schools and our culture will likely outlast Trump. Conservatives, however, should have no confidence that their values will survive in the post-Trump era.

Growing numbers of Americans are noticing the deepening fissures. Secessionism, something most of us thought had been extinguished 150 years ago, is on the rise. Last year, secessionists in the Texas Republican Party were two delegates shy of forcing a floor vote on adding a secessionist plank to state party’s platform. November’s election results dampened those efforts while kindling new ones in anti-Trump California.

If (or when) the Left can regain power, and if it can resume its assaults on religious liberties and Second Amendment rights, Texas secessionists will be reinvigorated. They will be stronger, more organized, and better financed. And their movement won’t be confined to Texas.

Après Trump, le déluge. The most important task President Trump and Republicans have is to mobilize the citizens who still believe in American exceptionalism to build the dams, levees and spillways needed to contain the future floodwaters of a resurgent progressivism.

And this task must begin today. Decades of multiculturalism have, for a critical mass of Americans, silenced what Abraham Lincoln called our “mystic chords of memory.” Jimmy Carter’s former pollster, Pat Caddell, routinely reminds us that we are in a “pre-revolutionary” period. Bulwarks need to be erected, soon, that can provide long-term protection for what remains of our economic, religious, and Second Amendment rights. Otherwise, it’s difficult to imagine the “pre” part of Caddell’s observation lasting after a return to power by the Left.

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