The President Hands Putin and Russia Two Big Wins

President Trump has ordered the American military out of Syria. This comes based on the unanimous opposition of the President’s national security team, foreign policy team, intelligence team, and military team. The President says ISIS has been defeated in Syria. This comes based on the information and intelligence collected by no one. The President’s team from diplomacy to intelligence to defense are vehemently unanimous that ISIS is still in control of territory in Syria and is not defeated.

I fear I must ask the same question I asked of Barack Obama when he declared ISIS contained: how many Americans will die because of this decision?

Contrary to the President’s supporters, this is not about staying in Syria indefinitely. The President said he would turn ISIS into WAS-WAS and has abjectly failed at that. The only people cheering this decision are the Russians. This will embolden the Russians and Syria, which in turn will embolden Hezbollah and Iran. This decision will be profoundly destabilizing and will both put our allies at risk and signal that the commitments of the United States are meaningless.

This is a boneheaded decision, and the President should reconsider it.

In unrelated news that the left will speculate is related, the President is also getting rid of sanctions on three Russian companies controlled by a Russian oligarch who is a very close associate of Paul Manafort.

This gives Vladimir Putin another win as the oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, is tied to Putin’s regime. The Treasury Department claims the three companies have agreed to distance themselves from Deripaska, but they provide no proof, and we certainly should not take their assurances at face value.

This whole thing is disturbing.

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