The President is His Own Worst Enemy

To review the week: The President has banned bump stocks angering his second amendment supporters. He has bailed on building a wall while giving Mexico and Central America $10.6 billion in foreign aid thereby angering his immigration opponent supporters. And he has withdrawn the American military from Syria thus angering the pro-Israel constituency that recognizes this will embolden Hezbollah.

On top of all of this, the President could have gotten Congressional authorization for $25 billion for the wall in February, and he could have followed the Department of Defense’s recommendations on Syria and eliminated ISIS instead of just pretending to.

I suspect the President is keeping his own counsel this week and it is going badly for him. The only groups winning the news cycle right now are the Russians, the Mexicans, and the anti-gun crowd. On top of it all, the President quite possibly began the long goodbye with some of his core supporters by cutting this deal that abandons the wall.

Instead of adding to his coalition, he keeps shrinking it instead. It’s almost as if he is sabotaging himself.

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