The President Just Cut the Legs Out From Under His Tenure

Expect Democrats to be kinda quiet today. There is no reason for them to say anything since the President is self-immolating.

President Trump admitted that Russia had something to do with James Comey’s firing. That is a pretty big deal, particularly since the White House staff laid out a convincing case that Comey’s termination had nothing to do with Russia.

If that was not bad enough, Trump’s lawyer now admits Donald Trump has seen income from Russia.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The overwhelming majority of Trump voters will double down in their support of Trump. Many of us see this as unhinged, suspicious, and headed toward impeachment level. But most of his supporters see him as honest, heroic, and fighting against the status quo in Washington.

There is a great divide.

The problem, however, is that Donald Trump won the Presidency because of about 70,000 votes. That is a very, very small margin and one that can be impacted by these allegations.

Trump’s voters are sincere patriots. If they really think the President is trying to stop an investigation into Russian disruption of our republic, do we really think they’ll stand by their man?

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