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The President Should Make a Big Deal About the California Blood Supply

California has decided to no longer make it a crime to knowingly transmit HIV to someone else. In an effort to “end the stigma,” California is essentially telling people HIV is no big deal when it remains a big deal.

The new law applies to California’s blood supply as well. Let us be clear here — if an HIV positive person donates blood, the person receiving the blood will get HIV. Some of the most famous cases in America that raised awareness about HIV were because of a contaminated blood supply. HIV will contaminate the blood supply.

The President and the left have both seemed willing to engage in non-stop culture war battles and this is yet another front. It is also a front where the left’s normalization efforts will work against them. The President should raise this issue and he should make sure Americans understand California’s blood supply will not affect the rest of the nation’s blood supply.

And frankly, this is one of those few times Congress should act to reimpose criminal law where it rightfully belongs. California’s actions risk causing Americans to doubt the safety of the national blood supply.

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