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My credit card number was stolen while we were in Louisiana a few weeks ago. Citibank was kind enough to overnight me a new one last Thursday. I got it Friday morning and, running out of town for the weekend, left it on the kitchen table.

Today I thought of it, went to get it, and it had disappeared. We turned the house upside down looking for it. I got sick to my stomach. I use this card for my business travels and head out of town on Wednesday morning. So I called Citibank to beg them to send me a new card ASAP.

As I was talking to the lady, explaining my situation — pleading my case — I paced the living room. At the bookshelf I noticed something sticking out from under Christy’s Bible.

There was my card. I guess she or I had sat her huge, leather Bible on top of the paperwork the card was attached to. The paper had stuck to the Bible. I fell out laughing, as did Christy and the lady on the phone.

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