The Racism Of The Anti-Outsourcing Crowd

When we hear arguments against outsourcing, to where do the anti-outsourcers snidely refer?

India and Ghana (along with other West African countries) are the two usual places. India though, more than Ghana, because of reasons we’ll get to.

The anti-oursourcing crowd doesn’t mention that more jobs are outsourced to Mexico, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain than to India or Ghana.

Why then do people keep focusing on India and Ghana?

Perhaps it is because there is a connotation with India and Ghana. When I say India, the Taj Mahal is probably not the first thing that pops into your head. You probably have a mental picture of a particular type of person or crowd in a dingy city.

When you hear your bills are being processed in India, you probably have a suspicion that your bills are being processed in utter confusion by people who don’t speak English and who smell. Be honest.

That is the image that the anti-outsourcers want you to have. They want you to be reviled and concerned.

They are peddling a racist stereotype through subtle suggestions of the backward befuddlement of an entire nation.

The sad thing is, it’s usually the same people who believe we should increase foreign aid to help bring the third world into first world standards.

Hypocrisy in action on the left and right.

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