The Reason Congress is Exempting Itself From Obamacare Isn’t What You’re Thinking

I thought it too. Of course congress would exempt itself from Obamacare. Barack Obama gave congressmen the exemption and congress is not going to walk it back.

After making some calls, however, I have concluded that while I think the legislation is terrible, there is a good reason congress is not eradicating the exemption — an exemption the Democrats enacted.

Multiple people, including some who oppose the bill on other grounds and some who support it, all agree the failure to yank the exemption has nothing to do with opposition from Republicans and everything to do with the filibuster.

The committees of jurisdiction for the legislation, i.e the committees that must manage the bill for the reconciliation process, do not have the power to yank the exemption under the rules. As a result, if they put it in, the legislation could be challenged. If they passed the bill off to the proper committee, it could be challenged. “Fatal to the Byrd rule,” they said.

The folks I am talking to say the exemption is going to come out, but it cannot come out now. Also, they point out it is really rich that Democrats are complaining about something Barack Obama did.

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