The “Religion of Peace” Proves Yet Again That It’s Not The Religion of Free Speech

We’ve come to expect time and time again that Islam will not tolerate dissent or criticism. The latest case: a 21-year-old has been sentenced to death by firing squad for insulting Islam and its founder Muhammad.

Sina Denghan was a 19-year-old draftee with mere months left on his military service when authorities arrested him in 2015 for offending the so-called “religion of peace” on a messaging app called LINE.

Officials tricked him into confessing by promising him release if he would admit to his crime. After recording his confession, authorities tore up the agreement. The Center for Human Rights in Iran gave more details to the Daily Mail:

‘During his interrogation, Sina was told that if he signed a confession and repented, he would be pardoned and let go,’ a source told CHRI. ‘Unfortunately, he made a childish decision and accepted the charges. Then they sentenced him to death.’

Iranian officials later told Denghan’s family that he would escape charges if they would keep quiet during the legal process, which became yet another lie.

The source said that authorities got Dehghan to confess on camera as well, and that authorities told his family that if they kept quiet about the charges, Dehghan would be more likely to be freed.

‘Unfortunately, the family believed those words and stopped sharing information about his case and discouraged others from sharing it as well,’ the source said.

Denghan now sits in Arak Prison awaiting his execution, along with another co-defendant, Mohammad Nouri. A third defendant, Sahar Eliasi, was able to reduce his prison sentence to three years on appeal, but Iran’s highest court upheld Denghan’s death sentence.

International human rights organizations are monitoring the case, and Denghan’s attorneys are trying to get to the bottom of what happened as well.

‘According to Sina’s lawyer, steps have been taken for a judicial review, and with the good news we’re hearing from him, God willing this case will come to end positively as soon as possible,’ Dehghan’s mother said in a video obtained by CHRI.

We don’t know what Denghan and his friends said, but to the Iranian theocracy, it doesn’t matter. There is no freedom of speech in Islam – come to think of it, there is no freedom at all in Islam.

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