The Risks Of Hillary

There is a large segment of conservative voters who are caught in the crossfire between #NeverTrump and Pro-Trump. It should be noted that there is a great deal of philosophical and intellectual real estate between Jonah Goldberg (who I admire greatly and read regularly) and Sean Hannity. We err grievously as conservatives if we dismiss the thoughts of Prager, Levin, Hewitt and my fellow fiction writer Brad Thor as merely “selling out” or “existing in a political bubble.”

Like Prager and company, I believe that a Hillary Clinton Presidency will not just be very bad for the country, but will in fact be catastrophic for our federalist republic. I am not saying American citizens will be driven to the catacombs. I am saying that the negative changes we have seen over the past eight years, will be accelerated exponentially in four more years of liberal rule. Because of the breadth of the topic, this will be a two part column.

Part I: Hillary’s Head Start

The aforementioned Mr. Goldberg states in his G:File this week, “America is larger than one election for one office in one branch in one of the many layers of government.” That was true before the mess the Obama administration has made of this country, but as it stands, I reject Goldberg’s premise. The question should be:

Can America survive four more years of radical leftism, after Obama has had eight years to lay the groundwork? The question should be, “Is America larger than Hillary after Obama and: a culture that can’t agree on who should use which bathroom, or on whether or not it is suddenly racist to stand during the national anthem; a world in which there seem to be a higher number of bad actors than ever (China, North Korea {with nukes}, Russia, ISIS, Iran {soon with Nukes…thanks Obama} to name a few) while our military has had its morale depleted by ridiculous rules of engagement, and which now takes an extra plane into combat so it can have spare parts; a intelligenc service who has gotten the message loud and clear that this State Department and this Justice Department sees it as an object of mistrust much more worthy of prosecution than commendation; an education system that has shifted violently leftward and has recently completed its thirtieth anniversary of full blown indoctrination of our college graduates; a radical green agenda backed by literally billions of dollars, that is hell bent on de-stabilizing our energy infrastructure; the demographics of an out of control Southern Border; the machinations of Black Lives Matter (recently funded by a one hundred million dollar grant from the Ford Foundation); La Razza, and the suddenly “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood; the aftermath of Obamacare and its failure; and a daily onslaught of federal overreach that quickly rendered the IRS scandal a non-story?

The above is only a partial list. I could go on…and on…and on. And we still haven’t talked about the national media, who passed partisan about four years ago, and is now a fully dedicated liberal propaganda machine. Being concerned about the cumulative effect of these things finishing off the America of 9-12 and replacing it with some marshmallowy, gooey, socialist state with a weakened infrastructure and military, resulting in the absence of any superpower counter to the aforementioned forms of hostile totalitarianism doesn’t make me paranoid. It makes me mildly observant.

And what of those layers of government Mr. Goldberg speaks about? Would those be the layers that have rendered state governments nearly irrelevant by doing things like striking down marriage and North Carolina’s completely reasonable voter I.D. law? Or perhaps he refers to the layers (mostly local and state governments) that Erick Erickson highlights in his book that are currently bankrupting Christians, rather than allowing them their first amendment rights. But of course we’ve got Congress to protect us. We may all stand confident in the fire and fight they have displayed for first principles…oh… wait.

I write this on 9-12. Allow me to posit a question. Is the America that exists after eight years of Obama and the one Hillary inherits, even capable of a 9-12 mentality? Tragically, under similar circumstances now, I could envision the Democrats in Congress joining in song on the Capitol steps with Occupy Wall Street as they locked arms and knelt during the national anthem. Meanwhile BLM would be screaming at Capitol Police, all while GOP Congressmen stand alone just off camera impotently, pitifully as the media voiceover eviscerates them for partisanship.

Another conservative columnist I respect recently scolded those of us who think the nation will fail under Hillary by saying “you said the same thing about the Obama administration and we survived that.” Did we? Really? Has the America we have known survived when the aforementioned spirit has been replaced with plane loads of shrink wrapped, tax-payer funded, cash payments to Iran, that will end up in the hands of the same types of jihadists that brought down the twin towers? Where are the pitchforks and torches (metaphorical)? The 9-12 America would not have tolerated this outrage for ten seconds.

Hillary Clinton will begin her agenda from a starting point that is much farther left, and much more dangerous for the country, than Obama did. And that’s only the smaller part of the reason she must not be elected.

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