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  • Fine Erick, I am the only one posting anyway. And I support Ron Paul. Why do you support Fred Thompson? What job are you trying to get? You just can’t stand it when someone post the truth that you either don’t want to know or you refuse to know because you are working for neocons.

  • Actually Linda, I just can’t stand it when someone posts nuttiness and believes it is the truth and then accuses everyone who disagress as being in the pocket of the neocons.

    Apparently your definition of “neocon” is all Jews and anyone else who disagrees with Ron Paul.

  • Actually, we talked to a police officer in Dublin this past Saturday who took our Ron Paul literature. This police officer told my friend that he was a Jew and he was supporting Ron Paul because he is a Christian. Not all Jews are neocons and not all supporters of the war are neocons. Only people like Hannity and Rush and Ann Coulter that know the truth about how this war is disastrous for the United States and why we got into the war was by Jews like Krystol, et al who are willing that we go along with unconditional support of Israel no matter what it costs us in debt and human sacrifice.

    You know the truth or at least you should know the truth, but because you get a chance to interview another war hawk you throw the truth overboard. I do not need a therapist, but I think you may need one because you are supporting anyone that the Party tells you to support. That is my opinion from actively reading and posting on your board since 2004, I believe. Why don’t you post that I also sent you a contribution to run for office, and that I have been an online friend and foe.

    Why do you say you stand for the Constitution when you detest any and all dissent? This is part of the fascist and tyrannical rule that the ruling elitist have instilled have instilled in you. It is, I suppose, as desire to be part of the bigger plan to be on the inside instead of the outside. You and others like you have the mentality of the war mongers in the book “1984.” Permanent revolution is the new beast of the state.

  • My husband said to tell you that he was drafted into the Vietnam War, as soon as he graduated from high school and that all of the journalist and wealthy assholes put their children in college to avoid the draft. My husband said that all of these chicken shits that would not serve in Vietnam because they were priviledged enough to afford college are the biggest war hawks in our country today. People like these are a dime a dozen even today. My husband was poor in his little Breckinridge County High School like all of his friends and he remembers clearly riding the bus to Fort Knox. As the bus pulled away, his mother had big tears streaming down her face, and then he did not get sent to the military because his feet were too bad. The military doctor told him to go home and get foot surgery.

    My husband is nearly 59, and he knows people like you real well Erick. This war is the same. Oh yeah, we don’t have the draft but we have the righteous that claim I choose to be an educated important person, and not serve and that is my choice. Well if you advocate war, then you should be ashamed not to serve the military.

  • Why am I insane Chrity, when I ask that he fight for the war that he supports? The people from Alpharetta have already dealt with the malicious attacks by Erick on Peach Pundit about Ron Paul supporters and it is hopefully cleared up with the state GOP.

  • Actually XXX, I just can’t stand it when someone posts nuttiness and believes it is the truth and then accuses everyone who disagrees as being in the pocket of the [liberals/main stream media/Bush Derangement syndrome/etc].

    Sorry man this made me laugh. The Bush 26 percenters strike me as being just as nuts.

    Guess it depends on where you stand.

    *BTW I’m not a Ron Paul Supporter. In fact other than not voting for Hillary I’m open to most candidates right now.