The Sad Faces of CNN

The intrepid team at CNN poured a lot of resources into covering last night’s special election in Georgia’s 6th District–although it didn’t quite compare with the $40 million or so in out-of-state money that got poured into Jon Ossoff’s quixotic campaign to turn the reliably Republican district blue, thus cementing the narrative of a coming Democrat tsunami in 2018.  Still, you could tell that the anchors and analysts at the First Name in NewsTM had dug themselves in for a long night covering what they had insisted for weeks would be a very close, high stakes race, in which polling had put the Democrat newcomer as much as seven points ahead of Karen Handel, his Republican opponent.  All eyes were on Georgia–and CNN as well–and the excitement was so thick you could’ve spun it into a milkshake.

Then the results started coming in, and the truth slowly began to dawn on everyone.  Not only was Ossoff going to lose, Handel was going to whup him by a pretty decent margin.

Team CNN appeared none to pleased.

By the way, that’s  Gloria Berger, David Chalian, Dana Bash and Mark Preston.  At first I thought they were just having flashbacks to last November 8, when that New York Times ticker that had Hillary at a 95% chance of winning started pointing in the other direction.  But no–it was just the realization that another special election that they had framed as a referendum on the current administration didn’t quite turn out the way they wanted.  You’d think having gone 0-3 so far would have made them a bit leery about such things, but at this point they probably just can’t help themselves.  It hurts so good, come on Donald make it hurt so good.

Kirsten Powers, for her part, was more skeptical.  When tweets about her own less-than-thrilled voguing at Handel’s victory appeared, the CNN contributor jumped right into the fray:

She also went after trolls for trying to push false memes:

Well, Kirsten, it wouldn’t be the first time somebody was less than honest on Twitter–and you’re absolutely correct to point it out.  But this business about reporters being sad at Handel’s win?  It’s far from total nonsense, especially at CNN.  They’re long past the point of even trying to cover up their biases, and it’s no secret that they were salivating at the prospect of making Donald Trump look bad.  The problem is that, unpopular as Trump may be with some segments of the Republican electorate, everyone hates the media even more.  That your preferred candidate in GA6 went down in flames only illustrates the point.

Y’all might want to get that figured out.  Otherwise, I foresee a lot more sad faces in your future.

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