Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump watches as an anti-Trump demonstrator holds up a sign reading: Who Would Jesus Deport, at a Trump election rally in Kansas City, Mo., Saturday, March 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

The Scientology Like Scam, the Klansman, and Donald Trump

The other day I linked to the Mother Jones video above. It is brutal. I don’t endorse it all. I think it is a kick in the crotch, but it is what will circulate in the black and Hispanic community to drive up Trump’s negatives. They will seize on Trump’s father being connected to a KKK march and a subsequent arrest. They will fearmonger in ways they never did with Romney or McCain.

We are starting to get a clear picture of how the left is going to attack Donald Trump. Many of us warned that this was coming. The worst part about it is that much of it will be his own words, those of his employees, and some really awful race baiting.

And then on to the middle class. There the left is going to use Trump University. The documents are now coming out, along with statements made by former employees under oath. It sounds like Trump University was created by Scientologists. They lured people in, convinced them to cough up money, and waited until they were advanced enough to reveal Xenu.

This is from the sworn statement of one of Trump’s employees.

“Based upon my personal experience and employment, I believe that Trump University was a fraudulent scheme, and that it preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money,” said Ronald Schnackenberg, a sales manager at Trump University in 2006 and 2007.

Those declarations and other internal Trump University documents depict an aggressive, ethically dubious business model that targeted potential customers’ financial fears and socioeconomic anxieties and offered Trump’s personal brand as the solution—a strategy later echoed in his presidential campaign.

In his declaration, Schnackenberg recounted meeting a couple after a live event in New York City in 2007. Apparently swayed by the presentation, they expressed an interest in purchasing a $35,000 Trump Gold Elite program, the most expensive tier available.

“I did not think it was an appropriate program for them because of their precarious financial condition—they had no money to pay for the program, but would have had to pay for the program using disability income and taking out a loan based upon equity in his apartment,” he testified. “Trump University reprimanded me for not trying harder to sell the program to this couple.”

A different salesperson closed the deal with them. “I was disgusted by this conduct and decided to resign,” Schnackenberg said.

That statement was made years before Trump decided to run for President.

Others followed.

Then there were the voices of the victims.

The steady drip, drip, drip of opposition research is coming and Trump is going to be his own worst enemy. Had Trump not gone out and attacked the “Mexican” judge, who happens to be a native of Indiana, the judge might not have unsealed the records. But they are out there now.

If Trump starts attacking the victims of Trump University, that’s just going to play into the left’s hands.

Now that Trump is punching the media in the face, they’re only going to turn on him more aggressively. That may play to the Republicans, but the GOP is the smaller of the two political parties.

This is going to get really, really ugly.

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