The Senate Deal

Taking the spineless deal at face value coupled with the statements of DeWine and Graham, I think we have this situation:
1. The nuclear option has been delayed, not stopped.
2. When a Supreme Court nominee is filibustered, Graham and DeWine can say that the Dems who are filibustering have breached the agreement because they aren’t filibustering in their own good conscience, but rather on order of Harry Reid.
3. Graham and DeWine can position themselves as heroes, break from the rest, and get 50 votes for the nuke option, letting Cheney cast the deciding vote.

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  • You paint a plausible picture of DeWine and Graham “coming back to the fold” on filibustering when it counts, and I hope you’re right. If the GOP must compromise, there must be at least one non-negotiable demand: no more filibusters allowed on Supreme Court and Court of Appeals nominees (i.e. 50 instead of 60 votes will be needed to end debate and hold a vote of the full Senate). The minority party could still filibuster U.S. District Court (trial court) nominees if they have 40 votes against cloture. Now that would be a reasonable compromise, unlike the spineless “compromise” we saw yesterday…