The Shameful Legacy of Barack Obama

I was planning to write a thorough takedown piece of Barack Obama’s presidential legacy at some point before January 20th, but then I went on an impromptu Twitter rant on the same subject while riding the exercise bike (yes, feel free to make fun of me for that) at the gym last night.  The rant really seemed to take off, based on the retweet numbers and the hundreds of new followers I quickly gained.

Some Storify user named “LunaticRex” already Storified it here (thanks for that, whoever you are), but I also thought I’d reproduce all the tweets below for convenience.

I guess I’d be remiss if I didn’t also include A.C. Spollen’s tweet here:

There is, of course, so very much that I did not even touch in those 23 minutes of aggressive iPhone pecking.  There is the GTMO prison break horror, and the Jew-hating catastrophe at the United Nations.  Newly promulgated rules of engagement for the military have been an utter calamity.  The obtuse war on cops has both degraded racial harmony nationwide and led to a stupefying lethal crime increase in Obama’s own adopted hometown, Chicago.  There is the Solyndra kerfuffle.  There was the outrageous 2012 Rose Garden press conference in the lead-up to the first Obamacare ruling at SCOTUS, in which Obama seemed to attack judicial independence itself.  There is the fact that Obama purposefully hindered the shale/fracking-led energy boom in every possible way he could, despite the fact that lower energy prices disproportionately assist the very same folks on the lower rungs of the economic ladder for whom progressives purportedly claim to care.  And it just cannot be emphasized enough how truly farcical some of the legal arguments are that the Obama DOJ has frequently proffered at SCOTUS oral arguments.

But you still get the idea.

Like many other conservatives, I harbor no small dose of concern about the Trump presidency and its possibly deleterious effects on the vitality of the conservative movement.  But I will still heartily celebrate when this atrocious current presidency meets its sorely needed end.

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