The South

You just don’t get something like this up north.

Billie Pritchard, valedictorian of Peach County High School, has a long list of accomplishments. This year she is captain of the cheerleading squad – she’s been a member for three years – as well as a member of the Art Club, Beta Club, and National Honor Society.

But there is one accomplishment she is most proud of. “Being baptized when I was 10,” she said.

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  • That is awesome. Even if you had something like that up North, do you think the local paper would make it a focus of the story?

    P.S. And not too many girls named “Billie” up North either (Full Disclosure: I have an aunt named Billie).

  • Hi, this is Billie Pritchard. I Googled my name just to see the possible results, and I found your site. Small world, huh? I’m glad to see that others appreciate my faith and the emphasis placed upon it in our community. Nice to meet you!